Paying employees and calculating remittances due to Revenue and Customs is an essential component of running a business. Whether payments are made on a weekly, monthly or ad-hoc basis, it is vital that the calculations are exact and that the information is presented in a timely manner and complies with the employer's legal obligations. Payroll services from Brywel Associates are comprehensive and are capable of dealing with every aspect of UK wages and salaries requirements. Our payroll bureau has the capability to handle businesses with one director or employee to those which have several hundred people on their books. We have our own in-house payroll systems which are updated for changes to tax rates, holiday entitlements and other components which can effect the calculations. After each payroll run has been completed, we provide you with the necessary payslips, deductions sheets and remittance information so that all you have to do is to arrange to pay the salaries and the deductions to Revenue and Customs.